A coveted project.

A win for Norfolk.

The proposed riverfront resort and casino will transform Norfolk into a premiere tourist destination in the mid-Atlantic region. With a proposed $700 million investment in downtown Norfolk, the resort will feature a four-diamond 500-room hotel with a spa, entertainment venue and pools. It will include a gaming parlor where visitors can play slot machines and a variety of popular table games.

Key benefits and features of the project include:

  • Significant tax revenue for both the City of Norfolk and the Commonwealth of Virginia, as determined by the state legislature.
  • Pamunkey Indian Tribe contributes to Norfolk’s flood resiliency plan along the Elizabeth River (first private developer to do so) and is paying for its own infrastructure needs
  • 4,000 – 5,000 jobs during the construction phase
  • 3,500+ permanent jobs post-construction that will generate $140.9 million in payroll annually
  • Attract 6,775,000 visitors annually, which will give a boost to many local hotels, restaurants and other businesses
  • $130 million in goods and services purchased annually, primarily at local businesses
  • Purchase price of $9,937,500 was fair market value based on appraisal conducted by independent appraisal firm selected by the City of Norfolk

Why I'm All In


"This project will help provide much-needed revenue for our schools and preventing it from going forward would be a detriment to our students' futures."

Yvonne Peele-Wagner - Broad Creek Resident

"The reparative element is one of the most important aspects of this discussion for me. Creating opportunity for our indigenous Americans that also boosts our Norfolk economy and tourism is a win win situation."

Charles Rasputin - Neon District Co-Founder

"I support this resort casino because it will bring new jobs to our shared community and revitalize a part of our city that has been vacant for decades. This development will elevate Norfolk with a world class development we can all be proud of."

Raytron White - Grandy Village Tenant Management Corporation, President

"I support the Norfolk casino project because it will bring thousands of jobs to our community and put our city on the map. A fun and creative project like this can transform our city into a destination that people all over the country will want to visit."

Marqueta Harris - Norfolk Resident

"It is time for Norfolk to be bold. I’m all in because I believe this resort will create additional economic opportunities for families to live, work and thrive. We can’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass us by."

Lyle Beckner - 4th Generation Norfolk Resident

"I have lived in Norfolk over 25 years and I desperately want MY city of Norfolk to get this revenue in perpetuity, to mitigate flooding and help rebuild and refurbish our schools. That's why I'm all in!"

Kevin Krigsvold - Pamunkey Tribal member & Larchmont Resident

"I have volunteered in Norfolk public schools for more than two decades, so I am well aware of the importance of additional funding for public education. The Pamunkey casino resort has the ability to fill the gaps in our budget for education and give the children of Norfolk what they need to be successful."

Peggy Scott - Oceanview Resident

"As a life-long resident, veteran and father, I know that it is time for our city to get a much needed boost. This project will create new jobs in all sectors that will help our entire city rise up economically. Jobs that will allow our kids to want to stay in Norfolk, which is important to me. This project is coming at the perfect time and that is why I am all in!"

David Brenner - Roosevelt Gardens Resident